BMW 2002 Turbo

Type:2002 Turbo
Interior:black, fabric
Status:currently being restored, ready late 2021

The production of the 02 ran from 1968 to 1975 (861.940 copies). The 2002 was one of the models of the so-called 02-series. All 02 models used the M10 engine which was introduced in 1961 in the BMW 1500 and also used in the 3-series until 1987.

In the 2002, one could choose between four 2000 cc engines, namely with single Solex carburetor (100 hp), with two double Solex carburetors (2002Ti, 120 hp), with Kugelfischer-Bosch mechanical fuel injection (2002Tii, 130 hp) and in 1974 the legendary 2002 Turbo (170 hp), the first turbo production car (1672 in total) came on the market.

The car comes from Italy and is in exceptionally good condition. Due to some minor damages, we got the car completely resprayed. We are currently working on this car, and will probably be done by late 2021. Meanwhile, we’ve taken the car apart and prepared it for spray-painting. To be on the safe side, we also placed the car on the Celette jig for inspection. It turned out that no further adjustments were necessary.