Porsche 911 2.7

Exterior:Metallic Blue
Status:Finished and Sold

The first series G models had modified bodywork: the bumpers had to comply with American regulations and therefore the harmonica rubbers came between the bumpers and bodywork. Furthermore, the shape of the front cover was adjusted. But this first series G-models kept the narrow body of the F-models. The cars from the first few years of the new G-models also kept the chrome details (mirrors and trimming, etc.).

This car is an ordinary version with a 2.7 liter engine and 165 hp. The engine and car don’t belong together. The engine is a version with a little more horsepower of a slightly later car from 1977. But it is the right type of engine.

The car was originally delivered in Europe, but then exported to the United States. Its last known place of residence is the extremely dry New Mexico.

The condition is very good due to the car’s stay in a very dry state. Of course the paint is now dull; it’s also partly letting go due to a bad paintjob. The interior is bad and dry. The car is very suitable for a refurbishment to the original condition. There is no need for restoration. It can also be turned into a “special”, according to the wishes of a future owner. I myself would choose the latter and make it a version like the Ice Green 911S.