Porsche 912 E

Type:912 E
Exterior:Sienna metallic
Interior:beige vinyl
KM's:93.500 (miles)

A 912 E Coupé was available for the US market in model year 1976. The 912 was similar to the 911 model from the early G-series in terms of appearance. Consequently, the car already has harmonica rubbers on its bumpers but it retains the narrow body of the F-series. The wheel arches only became wider later in time, when the beautiful chrome details (still part of this car) disappeared. The engine is a VW-Porsche according to the late 914/4 2.0L models. The engine has a Bosch L-Jetronic fuel injection system and delivers a power of 90 hp. 2,100 units of the 912E were produced.

The car was originally delivered in the United States. The car we imported came from South Carolina. This is a very warm state so there was no rust on the body. Yet the paint was dull and also coming off in several places. We chose to sand the car down to the bare metal, to spray the whole body and rebuild it again. We disassembled the front screens and removed light corrosion found at the attachment points. The car retains the original “Bodenschutz” underneath and within. The mechanical parts were repaired or revised where necessary and we completely replaced the interior.

We did the following:

  • Sanded down to bare metal and resprayed in its original color
  • Rear bumper modified to European standards
  • All body rubbers replaced
  • Front window replaced
  • Lights renewed and changed to European standards
  • Interior renewed
  • Sun roof repair
  • Gearbox disassembled and synchromesh rings replaced
  • Brakes overhauled
  • All suspension rubbers replaced
  • Wheel bearings replaced
  • Dynamo overhauled
  • New tires and rims
  • Engine has been serviced and some small oil leaks were fixed
  • Shock absorbers replaced.