Porsche 911 2.7S Targa

Type:911 2.7S Targa
Exterior:Peru red
Interior:black leather

The first models from the G-series had modified bodies to ensure that the bumpers would meet American regulations. This led to harmonica rubbers between the bumpers and the bodywork. The shape of the front cover was also adapted. These first models from the G-series did however retain the F-models’ narrow bodywork. We didn’t want to change this because this is part of the car’s charm. The cars from the first years of the new G-models also retained the chrome details (mirrors, decorative strips, etc.) and the stainless steel targa bracket. This car is an S version with a 2.7 liters engine and 175 hp. The car was originally delivered in Europe, but got exported to the USA some time later. At the time many members of the US Military brought a European car to the United States when returning home. Maybe this car followed that trajectory.

The stay in Europe and New Jersey certainly did not prevent the car from getting quite rusty. We completely stripped the car and replaced rusty parts. Since we also had to replace the sills, we did so on a Celette jig to prevent the dimensions getting distorted. In the end, we replaced: sills inside and outside, as well as sections from the bottom to support the petrol tank and battery box. We also replaced the petrol tank itself with a new one, and the screens at the front and rear. Thereafter the car was submerged in KTL paint. The car has been painted in its original colour, “Peru Red”.

The interior has been completely renewed, using black leather.

All parts of the suspension have been powder coated. Rubbers, bearings and balls are replaced.

The cylinder heads have been overhauled, with valve guides and valves replaced. The modification to hydraulic chain tensioners was also done. We installed a new stainless steel rear damper with new heat exchangers.